ExploreAI Accelerator Income Share Agreement

Access to unleash your data career

ExploreAI’s Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) means you learn for and only pay when you’re hired.

The ExploreAI Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a version of tuition fee postponement. Simply put, you learn Data Science or Data Engineering for free with EXPLORE for 12 months. Then, when you’re hired and earning more than $16 000, you pay us up to 15% of your gross income each month until you’ve paid $10 000.

The Accelerator ISA is capped at $10 000 - you’ll never pay more than that.

And if you don't get hired within 5 years? You never pay.

Our goal is to place you in a high paying, dollar-based role doing awesome data related work. We only make money when you do. Win-win.

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How the ExploreAI Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) works:

Once you start earning at least $16 000 a year, you will owe ExploreAI $200 per month until you reach the payment cap, or the terms of the ISA expire

An ExploreAI learner making $16 000 a year, earns $1 333 a month and would pay ExploreAI $200 every month.

You would not be required to make ISA payments during months when your income was below $1 333.

After fewer than 50 payments you will have paid the tuition cap of $10 000.

If you don't land a job earning the required salary within 60 months, you never have to pay!

Your Accelerator pathway

What to expect if you’re accepted into the ExploreAI Accelerator programme


    Spend 6 months learning advanced data tools and techniques online through ExploreAI. This is followed by 6 months of hands-on, project-based practical work.


    With the help of our career coaching specialists you are supported in finding and securing a dollar-based data role in a global tech firm


    Once you’re earning over $16 000 per year, you start paying up to 15% of your gross income to ExploreAI.


    You are required to report any changes to your income to ExploreAI. This includes all job and salary changes.

You stop paying when:

50 payments made

  • You’ve paid $200 per month for 50 months
Or when:

$10 000 paid

  • You’ve reached the maximum payment amount of $10 000
Or when:

60 months deferred

  • You did not earn the threshold amount and therefore postponed your monthly payments for a total of 60 months

Applying for the ExploreAI Accelerator

Only the exceptional are granted entry - have you got what it takes?

  • Step 1: Register and apply

    Register an account with ExploreAI and Apply for your ExploreAI Accelerator programme. Tell us about yourself in your Student Profile.

  • Step 2: Verbal & Numerical Assessments

    Our assessments are designed to evaluate your verbal and numerical reasoning skills. Ace these open-book multiple choice questions and you’ll progress to the next step.

  • Step 3: Logical Reasoning Case Study

    A case study assessment designed to test your powers of logical reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking. We really want to see what you’re made of!

  • Step 4: Video Interview Submission

    Only the best of the best are invited to submit a video interview. We want to see what makes you stand out from the crowd.

The ExploreAI Accelerator ISA is an investment in YOU.

ExploreAI only makes money if you land an incredible job.

Your success is in our best interests!

High Five - you’re one step closer!

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