"Learning at ExploreAI changed my life."

One story, many tales

Time and again we hear a consistent theme from students who have learnt with us...

“Joining ExploreAI changed my life.”

From discovering a new passion, learning that what seemed impossible can be done, unearthing determination, stamina and perseverance to meeting incredible people and making lifelong friends, no-one who leaves us is the same as when they joined.

Learning with ExploreAI takes grit, dedication and an open mindset, but the rewards are bountiful and continue for years beyond the completion of a course.

Learners absorb as much from one another as from the facilitators, and the real-world experiences offered encourage them to tackle tough situations in a safe and supportive environment.

This lays a solid foundation for what is expected when the course is over, and the stakes are raised.

The people made the journey more enjoyable. Getting to know people from many diverse backgrounds and working together with them was definitely one of the highlights of my time at ExploreAI.
Tahir Hargey

Student Reviews

In their own words, our past students express what learning with ExploreAI meant for them, reflect on the people they met and how their lives have changed

  • The fact that I was allowed to use different methods to achieve a given task was freeing. I felt as if I was given a paint brush and an infinite array of colors to paint my solution without being put into a box

    Ntwanano Matjokane
  • [A highlight was…] Learning new technologies and being able to apply them to real world problems. And also meeting smart people with similar mindsets to that of myself.

    Tahir Hargey
  • ExploreAI was like my soul revamping unit.

    I could always find happiness in being at ExploreAI and most of my highlights would be the networking or rather peers that I met.

    Thembisile Damon
  • When it came to the supervisors, my colleagues and the other staff. Everyone was really helpful when it came to lending a hand, whether it involved work that needed to be done or just a friendly face that you could talk to.

    Jamie Japhta
  • I have a different approach to work, a systematic approach governed by ExploreAI’s principles, which enables efficiency. I'm more open to critics and correction, which improves my work.

    Maggy Mhango
  • One of the best faculties , it gives the student the power to dictate how much they want to learn but also ensuring that they stay motivated.

    Mbusi Sithole
  • I am employed. I have a network of friends that share an interest with me. I found my passion and where I belong.
    And I'm just so grateful.
    Thank you.

    Ivor Pietersen
  • Great folks with an immensely diverse range of skills & were really awesome to work with and learn from.

    Atisang Molapo

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