Data Engineering

Become an expert practitioner of Python programming, SQL and database technology, and the ins and outs of big data in this hands-on qualification in data engineering.

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Programme overview

Gain an overview of data-related fundamentals and advanced big data techniques - the skills required to be a data engineer. In the data engineering fundamentals phase you'll learn how to identify and state problems clearly, how to code effectively in SQL and Python, and get to grips with AWS and a variety of the AWS tools used to work with data in the cloud.

During the big data phase, you'll do a deep dive into all the technicalities and tools used to handle big data. You'll be able to analyse and identify the storage and processing requirements for data you might be dealing with. You'll gain the knowledge to build end-to-end pipelines to move data around. And you'll have an understanding of how to deal with large datasets in a distributed manner.
*Course duration for Accelerator and Scholarship tuition options is 12 months, as the coursework is followed by an internship.

Is this course for you?

You’re a newcomer to data engineering and you want to close the gaps in your analytical skills and knowledge. You have a passion for hacking things together, common practice in data engineering when integrating the variety of tools on offer.

Or, you’re a professional working in any of a range of business areas, including but not limited to marketing, sales, finance, and operations. You want to learn how to prepare, manage, and transfer data better such that the rest of your organisation can make use of it and operate more smoothly.

Or, you’re new to the world of work and are intrigued by the technical nature of this course and the range of possibilities for a career in tech. How exciting!


  • Module 1: Explore101

    Understand common data terminology and learn how to define your problems before you tackle them.

  • Module 2: SQL

    Work with SQL to use databases for storing, reading and updating data.

  • Module 3: Python

    Learn the fundamentals of Python programming: working in notebooks; logic and functions; and data structures.

  • Module 4: Cloud Computing

    Get to grips with everything AWS. Learn about a host of services offered by AWS and work hands-on with them to work with data and applications in the cloud.

Big Data

  • Module 5: Storing big data

    Connect large data sources in the cloud to create data lakes. Understand data analytics as it pertains to big data and data lakes.

  • Module 6: Moving big data

    All about data pipelines. Learn how to get your data where you want it and when, using tools like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

  • Module 7: Processing big data

    Gain practical experience writing functions in Apache Spark to test quality metrics. Learn how to document data lineage.

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Value-added services

Alongside the technical content, you'll have access to the following services during your time on the course.

  • A proven job search framework

    We’ve developed a framework for a successful job search. Nearly every single graduate who has followed these guidelines has been hired.

  • Thrive

    Our personal development curriculum, Thrive, contains a host of additional content on job searching, interview preparation, technical portfolio curation, cover letter writing, and more.

  • Career services

    The career services module (optional for part-time students) contains a wealth of information for conducting an effective job search, CV review, mock interviews, and strategies for building a job opportunity pipeline.

Your success team

ExploreAI Academy's courses include facilitation during working hours. These are world-class scientists, typically with postgraduate degrees or higher, who are available for consultation throughout the course.

  • Zintle Faltein-Maqubela

    Zintle, head teacher at ExploreAI Academy, comes from the technical background of biology, and is a proud alumnus of ExploreAI's very own data science course.

  • Jamie Snyders

    Jamie, a leading facilitator at ExploreAI Academy, holds a BSc in theoretical physics, and went on to do honours in applied mathematics. He's perfectly suited to help deliver our technical course content, giving students the best chance of success.

  • Chris Barnett

    Chris hails from a rich academic background and holds BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in chemistry. His rigourous research career positions him perfectly to deliver and provide support in our technical data qualifications.

Payment plans

  • Accelerator income share agreement

    No upfront cost. Do the course, we help you find a job, and you pay us up to 15% of your monthly salary until you've paid back your tuition. Assessments and video interview apply.
    Applications close 03 November
    Full-time programme only

  • Scholarship

    Exceptional candidates may qualify for a company-sponsored scholarship. Available to unemployed South African citizens between ages 18-34 only. Assessments and video interview apply.
    Applications close 03 November
    Full-time programme only

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Accelerator income share agreement
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