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The EXPLORE Accelerator ISA

EXPLORE's Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) enables you to study Data Engineering without making any payments until you are hired.

Simply put:
You study online full-time with EXPLORE for 12 months: 6 months of intensive learning + 6 months of project-based internship work being mentored by our award-winning scientists.
EXPLORE then supports you in securing a high-paying data job.
When you're making more than $24 000 per year, you start paying EXPLORE up to 15% of your gross income each month until you reach the $10 000 cap.

So, your full tuition can be paid off in less than 3 years!

And if you don't get hired? You never pay.

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Learn Now. Pay when you're earning.

Learning Data Engineering

When you're selected for the EXPLORE Accelerator Programme, you'll be enrolled in the opportunity of a lifetime!

First, you study Data Engineering for 6 months. Our teaching approach empowers you to solve difficult data problems in creative and practical ways.

Then, you spend 6 months in a project-based internship where you're guided by our world-class Data Engineers who've won awards across the globe. You'll be solving real-world problems using cutting edge AI solutions!
There simply is no better way to prepare for employment!


  • SQL Basics

    Work in SQL, from basic queries to more complex operations where optimisation and database design are key.

  • Python Programming

    Work in Python to be able to manipulate large data sets and perform calculations on them in order to analyse the data for insights.

  • Data Modelling

    Understand Relational Data Modelling and NoSQL databases, and the differences between them.

  • Cloud Computing

    Create automated pipelines for a business and learn how to work seamlessly in the cloud.

Big Data

  • Storing Big Data

    Master Big Data concepts and Source Systems including data warehousing, data lakes and streaming data.

  • Moving big Data

    Data automation and Observation covering data pipelines, triggers, logging, monitoring and alerts.

  • Processing Big Data

    Big Data Processing and Governance concepts - learn Spark, Hive and Hadoop, how to transform data and the implementation of data security structures.

Project-based Internship

  • Real-world Projects

    Spend 6 months applying your new skills to real-world projects with inspiring Data Engineers as you implement the latest in Big Data technology.

An incredible opportunity in the present, for the future!

  • No Upfront Cost

    If you're selected for the EXPLORE Accelerator you don't pay anything to start learning.
    Payments only start when you've secured the job of your dreams!

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  • Remote, Collaborative Learning

    Learn remotely online, guided by industry professionals.
    The EXPLORE Accelerator is both exclusive, and inclusive. We bring together the best Data Engineering minds from across the globe to solve complex problems for the real world.

  • Global Opportunities. International Earning Potential

    Through EXPLORE's global network we assist in placing you in a great job to suit your skills.
    Global companies, high-paying opportunities, endless possibilities!

  • Support and Guidance

    Our team is awesome!
    We offer a shared knowledge and skill base that is available at all stages through your learning journey. We are deeply invested and involved in your success.

Application Process

The EXPLORE Accelerator is an intensive talent incubator and we only accept those tough, smart and humble enough to succeed.
Our admissions process helps us identify these stars.

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  • Assessments
    Show us your skills

    Only the best of the best are accepted. You'll need to demonstrate your proficiency in our Verbal, Numerical and Logical Reasoning Assessments and show us how you shine!

  • Video Interview
    Show us your smile

    A chance to reveal your innate sparkle.

    Qualifying candidates are invited to submit a video declaring why they deserve a place on this prestigious programme

Payment plans

  • EXPLORE Accelerator ISA

    No upfront payment required.

    Start paying when you're hired and earning
    $24 000 or more.

    Pay up to 15% of gross income until you've paid
    $10 000.

No course fees
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Accelerator income share agreement
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